The People’s Supper Shoreline

Meeting new friends around a meal.

The Why

Neighbors in Shoreline, as in communities across the country, are isolated because of Covid-19, divided by ideologies and separated by racial and ethnic identities.

But it’s possible to create a community where we can all come together around what’s in everyone’s best interests: a just and equitable future for all of us. We do that by creating authentic connection with each other.

Authentic connection is born of respectful, active listening to each other with the intent to learn and understand.

We’re creating a community where everyone’s voice is heard, and where we work together for a just and equitable future for all of us.


  • create a communal environment in which we listen respectfully and share authentically
  • create genuine connections with people with different backgrounds and viewpoints

The How

We come together as people from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, to share a meal and to listen and learn from each other.

We do:

  • speak from our heart about our own experiences
  • listen respectfully to each other, with curiosity and an open mind
  • connect through our shared humanity
  • laugh and have fun!

We do NOT:

  • argue over politics
  • blame, shame, or accuse
  • try to convince others of our point of view
  • talk in generalities about groups of people

The end result of these conversations is neighbors who have come to understand each other and with that understanding, develop plans and find the courage to change our community for the benefit of all. These conversations are open to all neighbors who live or work in and around Shoreline. The only requirement is to agree to follow the guidelines. What people can and will do is limited only by their imagination. What can be certain, is that participants will come away with new found friends and a better understanding of people who live in Shoreline.

Interested in coming to the people’s supper in Shoreine?

fill out the form in the link and we will get back to you.

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  1. I am hoping to invite 12 people form our community who are willing to listen to each other and develop friendships that will enable them to particiapte in hea;png the disions that exist between us

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